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European Oak "Spessart" - Quercus Petrea.

Most of my logs are coming out of Europe today because of the unavailability of domestic White Oak Rift logs in America. I buy veneer quality logs from a few of the most famous oak forests in Germany and France.
Spessart Oak and Sam
The demand is high for Rift & Qtrd Spessart oak in America because of the amount of high quality Spessart & European veneer being used here from these forests. There is a need for solid lumber to match this veneer. Domestic White Oak will not match this veneer because the Spessart & European logs are much tighter grained and more evenly grown with perfect straw color. Tight grain evenly grown Spessart Oak I travel there every year and buy logs at auctions in the forest they were grown in. These logs are in very high demand from buyers all over the world and are in limited quantities. I only buy logs in the few special forests where the best, tight grown logs come from. I then have them custom sawn under my supervision to my specks and air dried and then kiln dried before I ship the lumber here to my yard.

Available in 4/4, 5/4, 6/4, 8/4, & 10/4
Fumed Spessart Oak available in 4/4 & 8/4

All our German Oak veneer logs that are very large, old growth, from 300 to 400 years old. These logs from the Spessart area, one of the best White oak forests in the world. These are managed forests and a limited number of trees are cut every year and offered for sale. We rift & quartered them into lumber. The color is light straw to light tan and clear. Some of these huge logs are up to 40 feet long with no defects and very tight grain. We cut some 12" to 16" wide, rift lumber from some of them. Very rare dimensions for sure. The rest were quartered for the figure.

Rift and Qtrd Spessart sample Spessart rift & Flake sample Spessart flake sample

Fumed Spessart Oak

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