This incredible bathroom door was made for Sam's home with a book matched pair of boards from a limb from a curly English Walnut log, along with, curly, quartered American Sycamore, and rift sawn Spessart oak. It was designed and built by Arnold d'Epagnier.
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Designed by master woodworker, Arnold d'Epagnier.
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The liquor cabinet was made from limbs of a tree locally known as the "Sacred Oak". A friend and arborist had trimmed off the largest Yellow Oak "Quercus Muhlenbergii" in the United States. In 1967 it had a circumference of 19 1/2'. A height of 84 ft and a spread of 120 ft. It is over 400 years old... read more about this story.

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Restoration jobs
Our tight grained quartered White Oak lumber is used to reproduce original interiors, floors and furniture in old homes and buildings. Our lumber will match or surpass the quality of the lumber used in original Arts & Craft furniture and woodworking. Send us a sample or call us and we will match color, texture, and figure in any quartered White Oak lumber or veneer.

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Floors "for stability, figure, & beauty. - (Click on photos below to enlarge)
Arts & crafts or mission style furniture made popular by Gustav Stickley. - (Click on photos below to enlarge)
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Bookmatched lumber works great for panels and for gluing up to give symmetry to a set of doors, drawers, or table tops, and more.
Bookmatched old growth quartered White Oak with Curly Quartered Sycamore center panel.
Quartered figure for decorative panels, boxes, furniture and cabinet doors and drawers.
Contemporary furniture for its clean, straight grain and lines.
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Doors "for the stability"

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