Old Growth Quartersawn White Oak
Twelve to sixteen growth rings per inch is considered old growth or tight grain. Sixteen to 25 or so is considered #1 texture. Thirty to sixty or more is a whole other level of quality and rare, but we have it, however limited.

Old growth quartered white oak is more stable, warmer in color, softer in texture, much lighter in weight, and has more quartered flake figure. It is a dream to work with.

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European and American Quartered White Oak
It has become increasingly difficult finding enough large, mature, slow grown, White Oak logs in this country to keep up with the demand from our customers for this rare quality quartered lumber.            (Click on photo to enlarge)

To solve this problem, Sam has traveled to France, Germany, and England over the last several years in search of the best, very tight grain, and light colored White Oak logs.

He has now located and bought logs from some of the most famous, managed Oak forests in Europe. The texture and color of these logs is the best I've ever seen. The color is light tan and bright with growth rings from 16 to 30 and more rings per inch. The trees that have been selected are from 300 to 400 years old and more.

Sam has bought only the very best and largest veneer logs available. These logs are being shipped to our yard for custom cutting. Most of these logs will be rift and quartersawn into lumber. Some of the very best will be sliced into veneer.

To our customers already using our old growth quartered White Oak, this is a step up to the very best rift and quartered White Oak in the world today. For those woodworkers who have never worked tight grained White Oak before, treat yourself to some of this very rare and fine working, tight grained, European and American White Oak. You will be amazed at what it's like to work with such fine and rare lumber.
This quartered old growth spessart oak is fumed under pressure and darkens it all the way through the thickness. It can be milled and the color will remain through out. (Click on photo below to enlarge)
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Regular Growth Or Medium Texture Quartersawn White Oak
Faster growth or medium texture quartered White Oak is lighter in color, less stable, with wider grain patterns, and is heavier in weight. Fast growth White Oak is harsh, coarse, and difficult to work. We do not buy fast grown White Oak. Our regular growth lumber will have 8 to 10 growth rings per inch and is better than most production lumber on the market today.
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Rift Sawn White Oak
Rift cut oak has vertical or straight grain without the quartered flake figure.
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Comb Figure
This figure is between true quartered figure and rift. The quartered rays are long and fine and run more parallel to the grain. (Click on photo to enlarge)
Curly Quartersawn White & Red Oak
This lumber in addition to quartered figure and grain has curly figure which can go from a strip to a rope and a luster or flame figure.
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Quartered American Sycamore
Once you try this beautiful lumber, you will fall in love with it. It has plentiful rays exploding as interwoven, lustrous yellow to reddish bands, that produce a bold figure that is truly stunning. Some of these logs get a very beautiful curly figure. The curl is not like a strip like Maple gets but a rope or barber pole curl that goes up the face at an angle that is not noticed in a small piece but just gorgeous in a larger area.

A quartered American Sycamore ceiling

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Quartered Curly English Sycamore "Maple"
This wood is actually a Maple. It's a totally different wood than American Sycamore. This lumber is very light in color with no dark heartwood with very strong curl or fiddleback figure.

This lumber is much sought after for fine woodworking and musical instruments. To insure we have the highest quality figured lumber available, we import the very best logs from Europe and cut them here in our yard. We also have our own veneer sliced from the best of these logs. Our lumber will match veneer for edgings and frames. This lumber is a fine substitute for American Hard Maple and Curly Maple.
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Quartered Cherry
Vertical grain with a very fine quartered flake figure.
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Quartered Ash
Vertical grain with white sap wood with some darker heartwood. Great for bookmatching. Ash does not get a quartered flake figure.
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