There is nothing more exciting for me than to be in the log yard when the logs I have found, bought in America & all over Europe come into our yard. Even more exciting is to be there and witness them being cut open to reveal their life history & their hidden treasure. No log gets cut without my presence and input on how and what thickness it should be cut. I am there for every one of them. It's a never-ending education -- one that can not be learned in school.

I buy logs in the winter months when the sap is down. All the cutting is done in late winter and very early spring. It is a very, very exciting time for all of us here at Talarico Hardwoods. I can't wait to get up in the morning to open up the logs we laid out the day before. I love what I do and get goose bumps often. Life is good. It's a sad day when the last log in the yard is cut. We then start thinking about drying all that amazingly beautiful lumber, working with some of it, and to what logs I might find next season.

I hope you enjoy these photos and are inspired to work with some of this wonderful wood and create some beauty in this world.

Sam Talarico

Sam in the beginning more than 35 years ago

Sam and 5' diameter 18' long Sycamore log

Kieth & Sam with Scottish Oak Logs & Harleys

Clint, Frank & Sam with Scottish Oak Logs

Irish Oak Burr

Cleaning Oak Burr

Scottish Oak Logs

Cutting a huge figured Bastogne Walnut crotch on the Dolmar saw

Cutting the Bastone butt log

Cutting big old growth White Oak logs

Cutting big old growth White Oak logs

Sam on Curlt Bastogne Walnut Butt Log

Clint, Todd and two pieces of wood porn.

Cutting an American Sycamore log into Quarters.

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