For more than 40 years, Talarico Hardwoods has been known for producing the highest quality, and best selection of Old-Growth Quartered White Oak you can find. With today's new-found appreciation for old-growth lumber and mission-style furniture, we continue to focus on acquiring these hard-to-find, big, old-growth logs and produce the highest quality lumber from them.

Photos above: Left - unloading a huge estate English Oak log. Right - Unloading large logs for quartersawing at Talarico's log yard. (click on images for enlargements)

Photos above: Cutting a huge figured Bastogne Walnut crotch on the Dolmar saw

Sam in front of the Bastogne Walnut, and the boys

Photos above: Left - closup of quartersawn American Sycamore from a dark log. Right - Quartered, tight grained, old growth White Oak. (click on images for enlargements)

VIDEO - Talarico Hardwoods Cutting a figured English... by Sam
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Certified Sustainable Harvested woods

We here at Talarico Hardwoods are very concerned about conservation issues and we do stock many sustainable harvested hardwoods. First, We do not do any logging. We buy all our logs from reputable loggers and log merchants. All our Spessart and Pfalz forest Oak logs are PEFC certified and comes out of Enduring/Protected forest culture areas.

All of our other Europeans Logs come from private lands and Estates. Our domestic logs come from private lands and urban areas.

TALARICO HARDWOODS is proud to offer you our wide selection of the highest quality, precision sawn, tight grained, rift and quartered lumber. In addition to White Oak, our selection includes quartered Cherry, Ash, Sycamore, English Brown Oak, French Oak, and curly English Sycamore. We also carry world-class highly figured and bookmatched lumber.  

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Photos below: Curly English Walnut Flitch in Wood Studio. (click on images for enlargements)
Curly-Eng_s.jpg DSC_2255_s.jpg When I walk into my studio everyday I am surrounded by great wood, beautiful cabinetry, and music all day long. I do my personal woodworking in here and also sing with my vocal group "The Spirits In The House" every Monday Night. There is music playing all the time because it is BIG MEDICINE. This is where I find my peace everyday. You can hear us on YouTube. Do a search for -- thespiritsinthehouse -- and enjoy.

DSC_2232_s.jpg Curly-Eng-Walnut-Flitch-4.jpg
Photos above: Curly English Walnut Flitch & Walnut Blur. (click on images for enlargements)

PHOTOGRAPHS for the entire website were taken by Sam Talarico. Sam is also a professional outdoor photographer specializing in fishing and hunting. He is widely published in outdoor magazines, calendars, books and advertising for major outdoor products manufacturers. www.talaricophotography.com

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